Construction Drawings

QTC Projects also caters to all construction drawing requirements such as construction engineering drawings, 2D construction plans, construction documentation and CAD construction drawings.

Our high-precision detailed drawings enable you to analyse, plan and execute floor plan designs, elevations or ceiling plans with minimal complications. Our services are flexible and you can choose our level of involvement in the project be it commercial, residential, extension or renovation project.

Most professionals in the industry favour professional construction drawings as they help them to plan and estimate the cost of each segment of the project better. They are also able to derive the exact quantity of materials needed for the layout and estimated aggregate project cost. The documentation of each project aspect serves as a good reference material in future and also in identifying any impending issues and recommend solutions.

Please write to us to see a sample of the construction drawings that we work on to get a clear idea about our technical expertise.

Our construction drawings services include the following:

  • Transformation of drawings to sketches, old drawings, survey data etc.
  • Development of plans, elevations, sections on the basis of data provided
  • Development of detailed drawings for construction.
  • Preparation of presentation drawings.
  • Creation of architectural detailed drawings.
  • Paper to CAD conversion.